A smart shell with a rich inside

Toffifee has something for everyone: a crunchy hazelnut in a delicious caramel shell, smooth and creamy nougat, plus a drop of rich chocolate.

The perfect hazelnut pleasure

Our hazelnuts undergo a special roasting process which gives it that typical Toffifee flavour and the unique crunch.

A nut nestled in a shell

A crunchy hazelnut nestles in a shell of delicious caramel. The unique shape makes every Toffifee an unforgettable experience.

Nougat galore

The smooth creamy nougat is poured between nut and shell, being the perfect seal by its combination of hazelnut and cocoa.

The icing on the "Mmmm"

The perfect finish! A drop of rich chocolate is a must since the glinting chocolate topping is the hallmark of every Toffifee.

The eyes say "Ohhh" – the mouth replies "Ahhh"

First Ohhh, then Ahhh, then Mmmmm: Toffifee's unique combination of ingredients makes it a perfect treat for young and old.

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...there's so much fun in Toffifee!